Top Strangest Fighting Styles in MMA History

We have all told the Hollywood “wire-fu” in addition to Chuck Norris white-boy karate. Everyone knows around the Segal support snap in addition to Van Damme ballerina kick. Even the prevalent contemporary mixed martial arts fight sport are controlled by a justly stiff set of style that frequently consequence in grueling contending match, systematically paced Brazilian jiujitsu, plus run-of-the-mill hybrid kickboxing.

But there are numerous other MMA style. What around the changes too ruthless for the ring in addition to too unpleasant for the monitor? What around the age-old fatal arts that have stood the trial of time without being glamorized, bastardized, as well as regurgitated by searchers of profit plus fame? Here are numerous instances of hard core martial arts that you will not get taught in strip malls to anybody who has an insufficient additional bucks a month.


Let us face it—just to endure in Russia, one need be as a minimum a slight bit crazy. It is no astonishment, then, that Systema (the authorized martial art of ill-famed Russian Spetsnaz) is such a cold in addition to effective method of opening a proverbial could on some capitalist pigs that waste to acquire with the program.

Systema emphases on controlling the significant parts of the body—neck, knees, waist, ankles, the elbows, and shoulder, over pressure points in addition to serious hits. The root attitudes of the systema are founded on the rules of biomechanics in addition to anatomy, with abundant of the training concentrating on learning the natural weakness of the human procedure so as to one may employ them at will.

Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock is one of merely two martial arts that are native to United States. Shaped inside the cutthroat domain of (you predicted it) America’s prison scheme, JHR is a major instance of no-frills fighting established by man who factually have nothing improved to do than work out and fight.

Kalari Payat

Native to the south Indian state of Kerala, Kalari Payat is usually documented as the oldest combat system in existence in addition to precursor to certain of the most prevalent martial arts into the domain. Oral tradition rights that it was shaped by an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is furthermore labelled as the “Protector of The World” and who was supposed to have a “worldwide procedure that was outside the ordinary bounds of human perception”.


Developed through the ruthless headhunting people of Malaysia, Singapore, in addition to the Philippines, Silat is a communal word for hundred of diverse elegances of battle, counting grappling, striking, throws, joint manipulation, and use of bladed weaponry.


One of the insufficient residual instances of Native American martial arts, Okichitaw is founded on the fighting methods of Plains Cree First Nations. Originated through George J. Lepine, a scholar of judo, tae kwan do, in addition to hapkido who moreover grasped the gunstock war club in addition to tomahawk-throwing methods, Okichitaw is a mix art that syndicates the greedy fury of the Native American combat spirit with the tried-plus-true approaches of prevalent Asian styles.

The history of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) days back to the Olympics of antique Greece. As martial arts range, thus did the impression of mixed-style struggles. Frequently a practitioner of one martial art challenged a doctor of a diverse one for final bragging privileges. These mixed-style rivalries took place universal for numerous decades, finally gaining intense reputation in the United States.